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This is a collection of interesting links


SQL Server tools

  • GitHub sp_whoisactive – a replacement of the activity monitor
  • GitHub Ola Hallengren
  • GitHub FirstResponderKit
  • GitHub Tigertoolbox
  • GitHub tSQLt – SQL Server testing framework
  • GitHub The new SQL Client for .NET & .NET Core

General purpose tools

C# / ASP.NET / MVC / Blazor / WCF

  • GitHub Dapper – light ORM mapper
  • GitHub BlazorStrap – Bootstrap 4 Components for Blazor Framework
  • GitHub CoreWCF – .NET Core implementation of the WCF
  • GitHub SoapCore – .NET Core implementation of the WCF
  • GitHub Blazor IndexedDB – An interface to IndexedDB
  • GitHub coverlet – Cross platform code coverage for .NET Core
  • GitHub Awesome Blazor – Blazor community site
  • GitHub Practical AspNetCore – Practical examples
  • GitHub FluentValidation – Validation framework
  • GitHub Blazor-Validation – Blazor validation component
  • GitHub Blazor-InputFile – File Upload component
  • GitHub Healthchecks – Asp.Net Core Health Checks
  • GitHub Blazor.OpenId – Blazor OpenId library
  • GitHub Blazor Table – Table Control for Blazor
  • GitHub Blazor.Auth0 – Auth0 in Blazor
  • GitHub Radzen Blazor Components

no Category

  • Link Energy production statistics of Germany on daily basis
  • Link Comparison of global cloud provider
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