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interesting links

This is a collection of interesting links

  • dbatools GitHub / Homepage
  • OpenQueryStore GitHub
  • Win32-OpenSSH GitHub
  • Ola Hallengren GitHub / Homepage
  • FirstResponderKit GitHub
  • OpServer GitHub
  • Notepad++ GitHub / Homepage
  • PoSH-SSH GitHub
  • Greenshot GitHub
  • Pssdiag/Sqldiag Manager GitHub
  • SqlNexus GitHub
  • rdpManager Homepage
  • ScreenToGif GitHub
  • PSSwagger GitHub
  • CsvHelper GitHub / Homepage
  • CISL GitHub
  • OutlookGoogleCalendarSync GitHub
  • Pester GitHub
  • PowerShell Plaster GitHub
  • PowerShell Modules Central GitHub
  • BPCheck – SQL Best Practices and Performance checks GitHub
  • Polaris – Simple Microservices using only PowerShell GitHub
  • vmxtoolkit – Powershell extension to VMware Workstation GitHub
  • sqlmap – Penetration tool for sql injection tests GitHub
  • ditto – Clipboard extension to save more than one entry Homepage
  • DeploymentContributorFilterer – DacPac deployment filter GitHub
  • AdventureWorks Databases GitHub
  • Stack Data Dump Importer GitHub
  • Poor mans T-SQL formatter vscode extension GitHub
  • mssql-cli – interactive command line tool for SQL Server GitHub
  • Blocking Monitor – SQL Server blocking monitor by Andy M Mallon GitHub
  • T-SQL smells – Static code analysis for VS 2015 GitHub
  • T-SQL rules – Static code analysis for VS 2015 GitHub
  • WP-Markdown – Allows Markdown to be enabled in posts GitHub
  • SQL Operations Studio – SQL Operations Studio is a data management tool GitHub
  • SQL Server Feedback/Issue Site Homepage
  • SQL Server Setup Tools GitHub
  • MVC Tag Helper Pack GitHub
  • SoapCore – SOAP with ASP.NET Core GitHub
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